1. Home Based Therapy
    We come to you. Therapy in the home that includes caregivers yields faster growth and generalization of skills for our clients. We feel strongly about caregiver coaching and are eager to share our knowledge and experise with you.
  2. Community Based Therapy
    Therapy within the community allows us the opportunity to break out of the home comfort zone and coach our clients through new communicative interactions. This environment can prove helpful for clients who benefit from repeated practice and exposure to new social experiences. Ordering at a restaurant, using the bus, being in a library, are great opportunities to practice speech and language in a functional way.
  3. Social Skills Groups
    Life is about sharing meaningful experiences with others. What better way is there than to learn how to socialize through play. This is a great opportunity to learn skills such as turn taking, and good sportsmanship, and leading all the way up to making and keeping lasting friendships.